Mentoring & Networking

We know the value of a good mentor. That’s why we pair you with a mentor even before you arrive on campus.

KC-COM first-year students are paired with a second-year student who will serve as Big Brothers or Sisters. Your big will help you transition into medical school with handy tips and provide you encouragement throughout your academic career.  

Joplin-COM first-year students are part of a peer mentoring team that connects them with third-year KCU students in Joplin and local physicians.

Our faculty are also here to guide you. Starting at orientation, you’ll meet with your faculty advisor and begin building a rapport that will follow you throughout your career. 

KCU prides itself in its rich traditions and 100+ year history. With more than 10,000 alumni, alumni are encouraged to stay connected after graduation and to provide ongoing mentorship to students in the classes that follow. Students interested in connecting with University alumni and exploring specialties can contact Tim Everly Career Counseling Specialist.