Reaffirming Our Commitment to Peace and Equality

Aug 25, 2017
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Marc B. Hahn and John P. Smith

By Marc B. Hahn, DO, FAOCA, President and CEO and John P. Smith, DO, FACOS, Chairman, KCU Board of Trustees. 

In the last two weeks, we have seen continuing protests and violence — including terror attacks around the world and, surprisingly, here at home. Some significant unrest is plaguing our country in the aftermath of the tragic events in Charlottesville, Va. Our thoughts and prayers remain with all of the victims, their families and friends, here and abroad. Now, more than ever, it is important for Kansas City University to clearly reaffirm the values we hold paramount, and our dedication to the protection of the democratic principles that ensure equality and safety for all.

While we uphold the constitutional rights to free speech and peaceful assembly, Kansas City University absolutely condemns the use of those rights to perpetuate hate and violence toward our fellow human beings. We remain steadfast in our rejection of any bigotry and racism, and unequivocally denounce the actions and beliefs espoused by any and all hate groups. And, our University remains committed to advancing the principles of diversity and inclusion — on our campus, in our community and throughout our nation.

In the absence of these guiding principles, we risk the loss of our moral compass as individuals, our integrity as an institution of higher learning, and our loyalty to our mission of improving the well-being of all the communities we serve.

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